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Cold and dry winter breeze pulls all the moisture out of your hair strands, making them look dry, frizzy, brittle, and dull. The scalp becomes itchy and flaky as well due to a lack of nourishment & hydration. We totally feel you. No amount of styling or chemical-based treatments can give you smooth hair.

A good hair care regime in winter is the only way to really help improve the quality of your hair. Treating your hair naturally at home can be the most appropriate way to get healthy, smooth, and manageable tresses during winter.

We have heard about onions; which are a staple of every major Indian cuisine. Apart from being a kitchen ingredient, it is a popular home remedy for treating almost all of your hair woes. But let’s face it, we live a hectic lifestyle and rarely get time to take care of ourselves and try out these time-consuming and quite cumbersome home remedies.

So, why not invest in a hair care range to get Silky Hair, made with the nourishment of onions that can be an amazing quick fix, that too in an easy and hassle-free way?

Upakarma Ayurveda, an Onion hair care range is a perfect solution to get rid of those annoying winter hair problems. Keep reading to know about our onion hair care range which will allow you to start taking better care of your tresses.


Double The Dose Of Nourishment This Winter With Onion Hair Oil 

In winter, your hair doesn’t only need hydration but it needs double their usual dose of nourishment. And the most effective way can be oiling your hair regularly with chemical-free natural hair oil.

Oiling not just protects your hair from the harsh weather conditions and pollution but it even helps in treating dry and itchy scalp. It boosts blood circulation while strengthening hair follicles and promoting healthy hair growth.  

Onions are rich in sulfur and amino acids that not just help in preventing dryness but also promote new hair growth. Sulfur is found in keratin, which is one of the most important components of hair. It provides an adequate amount of nourishment to the scalp which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. Also, onion possesses antibacterial properties that help fight scalp infection thus, will help keep dandruff away this winter. 

Upakarma Ayurveda Onion Hair Oil is a blend of 15 Ayurvedic ingredients. Including Red Onion Seeds, Black Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Amla Oil, and Castor Oil among others. This all-natural concoction with the right choice of ingredients can work as an ultimate replenishing oil to provide excellent nourishment to your hair from scalp to tips. A gentle massage with this hassle-free onion oil can help repair and revitalize dull, lifeless sand damaged hair.

The next most important thing to keep in mind is to wash your hair. Make sure to keep your scalp clean and free from dirt and impurities while protecting the outer layer of the hair from damage.

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Get Silky Smooth And Shiny Tresses This Winter With Onion Shampoo

We usually tend to skip hair wash in winters, thinking that excessive shampooing is the reason behind dry & flaky scalp. Yes! It’s somehow true but only in the case of chemical based shampoos. The harsh chemicals & synthetic compounds in chemical-based shampoo strip natural oils from the scalp leaving your hair dull & brittle. Unfortunately, leading to breakage, thinning of hair and hair loss in winter.

If you have been dealing with these hair problems lately, then it’s time to go for an all-natural shampoo like Onion Shampoo by Upakarma Ayurveda.

This shampoo is a premium quality Ayurvedic formulation backed by the R&D team of leading Ayurveda experts using the best and natural ingredients. It is a blend of purely ayurvedic ingredients & nourishing oils like Red Onion Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Bramhi Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Amla Oil among many others including plant-based Keratin & Biotin. Moreover, is a sulphate-free & paraben free shampoo which makes it a gentle shampoo, ideal for every hair type.

The combination of nourishing ingredients makes it a perfect choice for your winter hair care regime. As it works amazingly for cleansing while soothing & nourishing a dry scalp as well as saturating the dry locks while leaving your tresses smooth & shiny.

Besides this we have got some other important hair care tips to be kept in mind for winter:

  • Apply oil on your scalp twice or thrice a week. Make sure to massage it for good 5 minutes using finger tips in circular motions.
  • Do not leave oil overnight, it causes blockage of the hair follicles, leaving the oil for 2 hours is enough.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water and not hot water.
  • Don’t forget to use a mild conditioner
  • Avoid using heat styling tools 
  • Apply a deep-conditioning hair mask once a week.
  • Lastly, eat a well-balanced diet to keep your hair healthy.

Make these easy changes in your hair care routine and try out our all natural, effective yet affordable onion hair care range to get the best results. Revamp your hair care routine this winter with the goodness of ayurvedic ingredients and get smooth & silky hair. The products mentioned above are gender-neutral and can even be used by chemically treated hair. 


Just a friendly reminder, always and always do a patch test before including any new product in your hair care routine, though it’s free from any chemicals and made from pure and natural ingredients, it is safe but we all have different body types and everybody reacts differently to each ingredient. So, it is advisable to do a patch test to check for any sort of allergy or irritation. But if you don’t notice any reaction then the product is good to go and you have finally found a best friend for your hair.

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