Why Rose Water For Skin is a Summer Skin Care Essential

Summertime means it is time for the harsh sun, and hot and humid air followed by sweaty and grimy skin. Rose Water can be your new skincare bestie that helps tackle all your summertime skin woes. 

Due to excessive heat and humidity, the skin starts screaming for clear pores and protection from sun damage. Also, we sweat more during summer, which means dirt and grime get stuck in our pores more easily. By keeping that in mind, we have got you a natural summer skincare superhero – Rose Water. 

Rose Water is refreshing, soothing, and hydrating just as the season calls for. It is known as an amazingly effective skincare product, having innumerable benefits for the skin.  

So, let’s find out more reasons to love Rose Water and know why it is an essential add-on during the summers.

Why Rose for Skin Care?

Rose is considered as ‘King of Flowers’ and perhaps the most admired flowering plant. This well-known flower symbolizes love and luxury and it’s no surprise that roses have always been associated with beauty. Moreover, it’s actually been used as a beauty enhancer for thousands of years around the world.

The delicate, vibrant, and mesmerizing rose petals have so much to offer our skin. These soft rose petals contain several compounds that are really beneficial for improving your skin health.

The rose petals contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial; properties that fight bacteria causing acne and protect the skin against any skin infection. Also, it is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help protect against cell damage and in turn, help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties help in calming and soothing inflamed, dry or rough skin.

All in all it is one of the most essential skincare ingredients that everyone should include. It is particularly effective in form of Rose Water. 

Rehydrates & Refreshes The Skin

Summers mean more sweat. And so in response, your skin tends to lose a significant amount of moisture. So, during summer it’s important to hydrate your skin regularly. And what can be a great savior than a few spritzes of Rose Water?

Rose Water is a natural hydrator. It contains natural moisturizing properties that give your skin a refreshing boost of hydration. Moreover, the antioxidant properties provide nutrients deep into the skin. Thus, it improves the skin barrier and may prevent trans-epidermal water loss by making your skin nourished and refreshed all day.


Tighten The Pores

With the rising temperature, your pores actually tend to get larger. This is because the heat makes your skin release excess sweat and sebum, making your pores work overtime. So, when these pores are open for a longer duration, the dirt, oil, and grime get clogged in the pores further making your skin look textured and unhealthy.

Though the skin pores are an organic part and cannot be completely diminished but can surely be tightened. Thanks to the mild astringent properties of Rose Water that helps deeply cleanse the skin, unclog the pores, dry out the excess oil and tighten the pores to reveal smoother and healthier-looking skin.

Soothes Skin Irritation and Redness

Outdoor summer heat can cause damage to your skin in several uncommon ways like leaving your skin red, dry, inflamed, and itchy. This may be due to excessive sweating or sunburn, which can quickly spoil all your summertime fun.

But fret not, there is something that can cool down your skin just like water soothes your scratchy throat.  A soothing and gentle toner – Rose Water for the skin can really help calm down irritated skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties, it is considered a perfect solution to cool and calm down your skin.

Reduces Acne, Fine Lines, and Blemishes

Summer heat can make your skin feel dry and dull. This is done in several ways due to exposure to the sun, lack of moisture, dirt, and pollution. All these factors can damage the collagen and elastin which makes your skin look saggy and wrinkled. Also, acne is another common problem that is mostly faced by everyone.

But don’t worry; this is where Rose water comes to save your skin this summer. Roses Water has powerful antioxidants that reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging spots and even prevent the formation of new ones. In Addition, the antibacterial properties help fight the bacteria causing acne. Thereby, healing and preventing it further.

Gives A Natural Glow

When the weather gets warmer and humidity increases, your skin starts producing natural oils. The oil secreted gets stuck on your skin’s surface making it greasy, oil, and sticky. Moreover, using the wrong products on your skin can even make this situation worse by inviting problems like – acne and whiteheads. 

A lightweight product like Rose Water can help you get rid of any skin problem. It has amazing properties to clarify the deeper layers of the skin and to balance the natural oils. Thereby, it leaves your skin looking smooth and radiant. 

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These were the amazing benefits of Rose Water. Let’s now further see the correct steps to use it: 

Step 1) Cleanse your skin with a mild face wash 

Step 2) Spray a generous amount of Rose Water on your face and neck

Step 3) Apply a Serum and let it absorb into the skin 

Step 4) Then use a gentle moisturizer and sunscreen. 

This is a 4-step skincare routine you must follow during summer. Also, you can use it as many times as your skin requires. Moreover, make sure that you keep your eyes closed when spraying directly on your face, and always keep the bottle a few inches away while spraying Rose Water. 

Rose Water can be used in several different ways like – using it as a gentle toner, mixing into face scrubs, ubtans,, or face packs, as a make-up remover,, and even for men as an aftershave. 

Choosing The Best Rose Water

Rose Water is considered a natural toner. Also, the key ingredients must be natural and include rose petals & water. 

When it comes to choosing rose Water, make sure it contains 100% natural ingredients with no added artificial colors, fragrances, or any harmful chemicals. 

Upakarma Ayurveda Rose Water is just exactly the same. And can meet all your expectations of finding Premium Quality Rose Water. In addition to this, it is even made from fresh and vibrant rose petals and is formulated through the steam-distillation method. This ensures high-level hygiene, unmatched purity, and a lightweight formulation. 

It comes in a spray bottle making it a travel-friendly pack that you can use anywhere and any time of the day. And the best part is that it is gender-neutral and is suitable for every skin type. 


So, these were the reasons why it should be included in your summer favorites. Rose Water is a breakthrough skincare product with immense benefits to treat your skin with the blast of hydration and essence of the floral scent.


Just a friendly reminder, always and always do a patch test before including any new product in your skin and hair care routine. Just like behind your ears to check for any sort of allergy or irritation. But if you don’t notice any reaction then the product is good to go and you have finally found a best friend for your skin and hair.


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