Top 5 Benefits of Shilajit In Summer

Feeling summer time fatigue? Having that summer morning blues despite of consistent sleeping schedules? Summers are usually associated with hot and dry temperature which comes with low energy levels and excessive tiredness. But, you are not alone.

Yes! It is a situation often faced by everyone. This may also lead to inability to work or enjoy daily activities.  Also, any type of change in our lives or in the environment can cause stress and feel challenging. Fortunately, Ayurveda has various natural solutions to help you out and one of the potent substances is SHILAJIT.

Many of you would be in a dilemma that Shilajit is of hot potency and cannot be taken during summers. Right? Yes, Shilajit is of hot potency but also can be TAKEN DURING SUMMERS, not just summers but during all seasons. To balance the hot potency of this natural health supplement, one must drink ample amount of water. Individual results may vary as we all have different body types and lifestyle habits.

During winters, Shilajit is usually taken with lukewarm water or milk or any warm beverages to give a warming effect to the body and boost energy levels.  Whereas, during summers it should be consumed with plenty of water and reduced amount of dosage to keep your body hydrated and reduce general fatigue. Along with this, there are some points to be kept in mind while including Shilajit in your daily routine – the body type, digestion, metabolism and your lifestyle. If you don’t have a good digestive system and your body doesn’t feel comfortable with the winter dosage then you must reduce it to half in summers and then gradually increase the dosage where you feel comfortable.

If you want to boost up your energy levels and don’t want to feel tired lazy and worn out during this season of the year, then Shilajit is an ideal natural solution for one and all.

Let’s know a bit about this potent natural substance.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky natural substance found in high altitude mountain range which develops over a long period of time by the gradual decomposition of plants and minerals. These rich organic mass flows from the mountains during the summers and is then accumulated and prepared as in form of resins or powder or capsules. It contains more than 84 minerals including Fulvic acid, Humic acid, iron, magnesium, retinol, vitamin B, C and E. It is a safe dietary supplement that revives energy and rejuvenates health. Shilajit contains indispensable and rarely found vitamins and minerals that no other natural substance acquires.

Now, we have a brief knowledge about Shilajit, which has been used in several ayurvedic medicines. Now, let’s understand why we should take Shilajit during summers.

Major Reasons to take Shilajit during summers


Boosts Energy and reduces Fatigue

Scorching summer days often makes you less energetic and extremely tired, feeling so worn out throughout. It often happens due to long hours of sun exposure which dehydrates and lowers your energy levels by making you feel sleepy, tired and drained.  For this, we need to take adequate amount of nutrition and plenty of water to keep ourselves active throughout. But, alone food and water would not serve the purpose. As, everybody has a different body type, everyone has different nutritional requirements. One of the best and natural supplements to boost your energy level is – Shilajit. Yes! It is one of the powerful ingredients for boosting energy levels and stamina. It helps to carry out nutrients and improves the mitochondrial function, which in turn helps stimulate energy levels and reduce general tiredness of day to day life and thus, Shilajit is also known as “destroyer of weakness.”


Detox and cleanse

Eliminating stored fats and harmful substances is really essential.

The food we eat is not nutritious due to over processing, also our unhealthy eating habits leads to accumulation of toxins and these harmful chemicals in turn may lead to serious health conditions.

So are body really needs to detox to improve physical as well as mental health. Shilajit is one such substance in Ayurveda that is a powerful rejuvenator due to the presence of 84 essential vitamins and minerals including Fulvic and Humic acid. Shilajit is a rich source of Fulvic and Humic acid that helps in removal of harmful toxins, fight pathogens and supporting immune system. Also Fulvic acid helps in pushing the nutrients to the cells, allowing better digestion which in turn helps our body to effectively cleanse and function properly.


Better skin health

healthy skin

Do you often suffer from dry, rough and irritated skin during summers? Majority of you would say yes! Because during summers we often tend to sweat more, which may leads to loss of water and dehydration. Also, many of us our not aware but dry skin is one of the most common signs of ageing. So, it is really important to keep your body well hydrated. Along with this, it is equally important to take essential nutrients that fight the signs of ageing. Shilajit is one such natural supplement that is rich in fulvic acid which helps in absorption of essential nutrients and thereby helps in nourishing the skin. Shilajit is a rich source of various minerals and vitamins such as – Vitamin B complex and C which are really beneficial for healthy glowing skin. Regular consumption may slow down the process of ageing and increase longevity.

Relieves digestive issue

digestive issues

Summers are usually associated with several digestive issues due to loss of water such as – constipation and bloating etc. Harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract can lead to serious health problems which is why they requires immediate attention. Fatty acids, Fulvic acid, probiotics all aids in better digestion and Shilajit has it all. It promotes better digestive health and may reduce the risk of constipation and other serious digestives issues and promotes smooth and healthy digestion.

Naturally balances hormones

shilajit for hormone balance

Very often we experience mood shifts commonly known as mood swings. They are usually a sign that you are going through hormonal imbalance, which can also disturb your health and mental well-being. So, it is really important to keep your health in check. Shilajit is one such supplement with several vitamins and minerals for balancing the hormones like – testosterone in men and estrogen in women and also various other hormones. Balancing these hormones can have a positive impact on our emotional, mental as well as physical health. Also, hormonal regulation is directly connected to fertility. Shilajit has long been used as an aphrodisiac and is really helpful in treating fertility issues in men and hormonal imbalance in women.

These were some of the major reasons you should take Shilajit in summers while keeping in mind to add sufficient amount of water in your diet to balance out the body’s temperature.

TIP: Have Shilajit with plenty amount of water during summers to keep your body cool and attain maximum health benefits.


Just a friendly reminder, everybody has a different body type and every ingredient reacts differently on different people. So, it is advisable to consult a health professional for the required amount of dosage for this supplement.

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