Upakarma Ayurveda stands by the resolution to bring back the quality to Ayurveda, thus restoring the balance and quality in your life. We believe in nurturing and strengthening the body through pure, refined and safe ingredients that work in an effective manner. At Upakarma, we try to achieve our goal by sourcing unprecedented quality herbs for our products. We do not compromise on our sourcing as it lays the foundation for our premium quality products. Our products are obtained through a sophisticated all-natural process and the sourcing is done on 2 levels – Global Level and DFF (Direct From Farmers) to procure top-notch natural ingredients that match stringent international standards.

Moreover, each and every product is made after months of extensive R&D by leading Ayurveda experts. Furthermore, we have a highly qualified experienced QCC team which ensures premium quality products in accordance with global standards.

At Upakarma, we undertake established traditional processes while maintaining modern standards of hygiene, with regular testing to make sure there is no adulteration. Our products are chemical free and have the right concentrations of important nutrients.

The end result is the perfect blend of essential minerals and substances bringing you the true experience of Ayurveda.