Winter Care Herbs That Help To Stay Fit In Winter

Winters have always been associated with sickness. It’s because our body is not able to adapt the changing weather conditions easily. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care in winter. Even though we love to enjoy the cold breeze and winter weather, one should not neglect health in these times. So, to protect yourself in winter, make sure to include something in your diet to boost your immune system that will help fight against the viruses and bacteria and make your body fit and healthy.

Make it a point to take good care of your immunity.  If your immune system is strong enough, it will be easier to combat infections and illnesses.

For boosting the immune system, the following are the most powerful and effective Ayurvedic supplements that help in coping with illness and diseases –

1- Ashwagandha

It is also known as Indian ginseng. It is a safe and powerful herb that is widely used over centuries for building the immune system. It contains an abundance of anti-oxidants which help in fighting illness and promote wellness.  It helps in restoring back the nutrients in the body and increases longevity if consumed in proper dosage during winter. Research has shown that it improves energy levels, muscle growth, and memory and helps in boosting the immune system. It has many other benefits as it helps in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels and lowers the level of stress and anxiety.

2- Tulsi

It acts as a body shield against viruses and bacteria and strengthens the immune system. Tulsi contains anti-asthmatic and anti-infective properties. It is considered an effective supplement for providing relief from cough, cold, and flu. This Ayurvedic herb is highly recommended during winter for respiratory resistance. It helps in the detoxification of the body and promotes good health.

3- Amla

It is power packed with Vitamin C that helps in battling cold and related viruses. The Amla helps extensively to increase white blood cells which ultimately helps to defend against foreign toxins thereby preventing colds and allergies during winter. It helps in curing health problems caused due to imbalances in the body during winter. It is an excellent source for improving the immune system and metabolism of the body. Amla is a safe and effective supplement for improving the overall health of the body. It is considered a blood purifier that removes toxins and impurities from the body.

4- Shilajit

It is one of the most important supplements in Ayurveda for boosting immunity and detoxifying the mind and body. The mineral substance in shilajit has immense potential to cure various physiological complications, especially in winter when the weather is extremely cold and when people suffer from various complications. It comes as an aid in providing relief from colds and coughs. During winters, Shilajit helps in treating various diseases like Asthma and sinus and pain of inflamed joints arising due to climatic variations.

5- Giloy

It is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that has been considered a powerhouse of antioxidants and fighting free radicals, thus keeping the body’s cells healthy. Giloy effectively contributes to treating chronic and viral fever. It is one of the natural immunity boosters and is highly recommended by specialists for treating illness and allergies during the winter season.

6- Ginger

It is a savior in the winter season as its medicinal properties help in strengthening the immune system and act as a protection barrier from the attack of viruses. It has multiple health benefits such as a cure for sore throat, cough, cold, nausea, and relieving congestion. So, it is often recommended to include ginger in your winter diet.

7- Curcumin

It is a main ingredient of turmeric and has anti-inflammatory properties which are very effective in detoxifying the respiratory tract. It also helps in relieving the discomfort caused by sinus. As the temperature drops, due to cold, there is an expansion of tissues which may lead to pain in joints. An immediate remedy, one can think of for getting relief, is Curcumin.

8- Chyawanprash

It is a paste-like a blend of medicinal herbs and extracts. It includes all the essential ingredients required for strengthening the immune system and metabolism. It also helps in reviving health and vitality. It helps in combating respiratory ailments which are usually faced by everyone during the winter season. It helps in nourishing the mucous membrane and clearing the respiratory passage. It is often used as a tonic for ages during winter for supporting natural resistance and boosting overall health.

9- Ayush Kwath

It is a robust formulation with the goodness of essential ingredients such as Black Pepper, South, Tulsi & Cinnamon which help in building stronger immunity and protection against seasonal infections. This Ayurvedic formulation is an endeavor in ensuring health.

With these safe and natural supplements, one can beat off almost all health-related problems and remain healthy, fit, and strong during the winter.

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