How to Heal Thyroid With The Power Of Ayurveda

Heal thyroid with ayurveda

What is Thyroid

The thyroid is one of the most important parts of our endocrine system that produces the hormones which influence almost all the metabolic functions of the body. The problem occurs when there is an abnormal production of thyroid hormones.

Types of Thyroid-related Issues

Thyroid – Hypothyroid & Hyperthyroid has become very common problem nowadays. 

Too much production of thyroid hormone leads to hyperthyroidism. Whereas, insufficient production leads to hypothyroidism. Also, there are other factors even as inflammation of the thyroid & pituitary gland malfunction, etc. which may cause thyroid problems. One of the most common among these in India is Hypothyroidism. 

Are there natural ways to control Hypothyroidism in Ayurveda?

There are natural ways that can help in controlling Hypothyroidism by using certain Ayurvedic ingredients in your daily routine.

So, here we have listed a few ingredients in easy-to-use forms that are made with 100% natural ingredients and must be included in your daily routine to avoid or heal thyroid problems:


thyroid, ashwagandha, upakarma ayurveda

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry. It is an adaptogenic herb used for relieving stress and anxiety in Ayurveda. Among so many other adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha is the one that is extremely beneficial for hypothyroidism. Ashwagandha in easy-to-use capsule form can really help in stimulating the endocrine system by boosting thyroid hormone levels while reducing cortisol levels.

Upakarma Ayurveda Ashwagandha Capsules are the most convenient way of adding to your daily routine. These Capsules are backed by the R&D team of Ayurveda experts and are made from 100% natural extracts of ashwagandha. It is a vegetarian pack of capsules that is absolutely free from any harmful substances. This makes it a wonderful natural supplement to boost thyroid hormones. Hence, it is only advised for people suffering from hypothyroidism.


Shilajit is one of the most potent natural substances containing 80+ essential vitamins & minerals. Shilajit has long been considered an aphrodisiac and is known to improve the physical strength & stamina of the body by providing these essential vitamins and minerals. The main components of Shilajit consist of Fulvic acid that enhances the absorption of iron so that serum iron status level increases which can be really helpful in managing Hypothyroidism.

Upakarma Ayurveda is the pioneer of Shilajit in Resin Form in India. It is sourced from high-altitude mountain ranges at a global level and is then purified through 7 level purification processes while retaining its optimal nutritional content. 

upakarma Shilajit, upakarma ayurveda, thyroid

Additionally, it is tested by a lab attested with NABL for purity, so there is complete peace of mind when it comes to its purity. What else can be better than this potent supplement which is an ultimate powerhouse of minerals & vitamins with a promise of purity? Regular consumption of Pure Shilajit Resin can help in improving the function of the thyroid gland. 

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Upakarma Amla Juice, thyroid, upakarma ayurveda

Amla also known as gooseberry, is a citrus fruit, considered a superfood in Ayurveda due to its amazing health benefits. It is a powerhouse of vitamin C and possesses high levels of zinc and selenium which helps in providing the thyroid with all the nutrients to function properly. Moreover, amla has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties while holding a wide variety of benefits for weight loss. All these reasons make it a perfect super ingredient for keeping your thyroid healthy. Amlas taken in a juice form which is made from 100% fresh amlas can be really beneficial for thyroid problems. 

Upakarma Ayurveda Amla Juice is a premium quality juice that is made of 100% fresh amlas sourced from farms away from urban pollutants. In addition, it is absolutely free from chemicals or sweeteners to deliver the maximum benefits. All this makes it a perfect and super-healthy option to add to your daily routine. 


Many types of research have shown that oxidative stress can worsen the problem of the thyroid. This is where herbs with high antioxidants come to the rescue, like Turmeric. It has natural healing and therapeutic properties that are effective against the thyroid. It helps balance the hormones both in the case of Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Also, it can really help in reducing inflammation and reduce the risk of goiter. An easy and effective way of including turmeric in your diet is having it in form of Capsules or Drops.

Upakarma Ayurveda Turmeric Capsules are made of 100% natural and best quality turmeric rhizomes having high curcuminoid content. It is a vegetarian Capsule that can be a hassle-free option for daily use.

Upakarma Turmeric, upakarma ayurveda

So, these were the most effective and natural ingredients that can keep your thyroid healthy.

According to Ayurveda, Thyroid problems occur when there is an increase of Vata & Kapha Dosha in the body. Moreover, Ayurveda believes in controlling the thyroid by balancing the energies of the body. Apart from these natural ingredients, here we have listed super easy tips that you should follow to balance the thyroxin hormone in the body:


  • Start your day with a morning walk

A sedentary lifestyle can be one of the major causes of thyroid problems. Going for a morning walk can really help in stimulating the thyroid hormone. As it helps in increasing the circulation of oxygenated blood in the body which is really good for managing the thyroid.   

  • Consume Vata Pacifying Diet 

According to Ayurveda, thyroid imbalance occurs when Vata Dosha is increased in the body. So, one must avoid packaged, fried and dried food, all these can contribute to increasing the Vata Dosha. Rather, include a fresh and fiber-rich diet such as – bananas, beans, spinach, etc. Moreover, do not skip meals and should eat 3-4 meals in a day. 

  • Avoid foods that increase Kapha

The most common symptom of the thyroid is weight gain. So, to control this Ayurveda recommends, avoiding a diet that can increase Kapha Dosha in your body. Try eating fresh fruits and vegetables and wholesome foods.

  • Practice pranayama

Pranayama is a yogic practice that is really beneficial in controlling the problem of the thyroid while regulating the function of the thyroid gland and balancing the Vata Dosha in the body.


The thyroid is a lifelong health condition. The idea of controlling it through natural remedies and herbs can be a safe and the most natural option to manage the symptoms and the health condition. So, these were the basic lifestyle tips and changes that every person should adopt for optimal thyroid health.


Just a reminder, everybody has a different body type and every ingredient reacts differently in different people. So, it is advisable to consult a health professional before including the above-mentioned ingredients or products in your daily routine.