Ten Most Effective Benefits of Onion Oil

Upakarma Onion Oil

The ancient tradition of oiling hair, for sure has benefits that it has been told to us as a trusted remedy for hair growth. Hair oiling has several proven benefits for hair as well as the scalp, including increased circulation, deep conditioning, relaxation and more. Moreover, it is an effective and special technique which provides potent antioxidants and essential minerals to the scalp that gets stripped from frequent hair washes. 

Adding oil massages in your routine can be a blessing for your hair. Head massage with oil is hands down relaxing, but do you know that which all ingredients are highly beneficial for your hair?

Though there are number of ingredients that can give you amazing results. But there is one such ingredient that people swear by when it comes to hair care is – Onions. 

Onion hair oil is known as the most effective way of using onions for hair care. There are multiple benefits of onion oil which makes it an age-old remedy for every hair concern.

Let’s get deeper into the surprising benefits this hair care essential:

Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

1) Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Upakarma Onion Oil

Onions are rich in sulphur that is said to support strong and healthy hair growth. Also, massaging with onion hair oil improves blood circulation thereby, helps in boosting hair growth. Furthermore, Onion Hair Oil is capable of activating certain enzymes on scalp, which helps optimize the hair growth cycle and results in healthy & stronger hair growth.

2) Nourishes the scalp

Onion Hair Oil helps nourish the scalp and gently lock in the lock in the moisture. It maintains the pH level of the scalp and replenishes the lost nutrients from the scalp. Onion hair oil is a complete nourishment hair care product which not just nourishes the scalp but even strengthens the roots.

Upakarma Onion Oil

3) Controls Dandruff

Upakarma Onion Oil

The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of onions help fight bacterial infections. It keeps the scalp nourished and healthy while keeping any fungal infections, flaky scalp & dandruff at bay.  

4) Strengthens Hair Follicles

Onions are rich nutrients and therefor works wonder for the hair. It comes with deep nourishing properties that help strengthen the hair follicles effectively. Sulfur form bonds that are required for strengthening the strands. Even it protects against split-ends and breakage.

Upakarma Onion Oil

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5) Improves Hair Texture

Upakarma Onion Oil

Regular massage with Onion Hair oil not just nourishes the scalp but provides intense nourishment to the tresses. This helps in improving the overall hair quality while preventing dry and frizzy hair. 

6) Reduces Hair Fall

A clean, nourished and healthy scalp is more likely to have strengthened hair follicles which thereby prevents hair fall. Onions have natural properties to fight scalp infection and promote healthy scalp.  Also, sulfur present in onion promotes collagen production which in turn builds new skin cells and healthy hair growth.

Upakarma Onion Oil

7) Retains Natural Hair Color

Upakarma Onion Oil

The Properties found in onion oil helps in delaying the process of hair graying.  The Oil improves the hair texture, maintains the pH balance, which in turn reduces premature greying of hair.  Also, it helps prevent oxidation of the hair and retain the natural hair color. 

8) Adds Shine & Luster

The gentle and nourishing hair oil gives your scalp that much needed moisture boost. It is enriched with multiple antioxidants which gives natural shine to your hair. Moreover, it makes your hair much more manageable and frizz-free. Onion Hair Oil is just the go-to product for having that hair of your dreams – shiny hair on the outside and stronger inside. 

Upakarma Onion Oil

9) Protects & Repair Damaged Hair

Upakarma Onion Oil

Pollution, dirt and hair styling tools can cause harm to the quality of the hair. Also, chemical laden products strip your hair of its natural oils making it look dry, lifeless and dull. Onions are a Holy Grail for such rough and damaged hair. The antioxidants present in Onion oil keeps your hair well-nourished and protects from any further damage.

10) Minimize Thinning Of Hair

Massaging gently with Onion Hair Oil helps provide essential nutrients to the scalp and keep your hair healthy. Onions deliver the much needed vitamins that help strengthening the hair follicles making your hair stronger and thicker. This will help in reducing some common hair problems like: breakage and thinning of the hair.

Upakarma Onion Oil

The Correct Way to Apply Onion Hair Oil

These were some of the amazing benefits of using onion oil for hair. Now, let’s further look into the correct way of oiling your hair to reap maximum benefits.  

Step 1) Take a few drops of Onion Hair Oil & massage gently using your fingertips in circular motion.

Steps 2) – Massage at least for 10 minutes & apply the oil left on your palms to your hair strands. 

Steps 3) – Cover with a hot towel for 1-2 hours or leave it overnight. 

Step 4) – Rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo, for effective results you can try Onion Shampoo by Upakarma Ayurveda.

Step 5) – Use a mild conditioner. 

This is a 5-step hair care routine you must follow to get all the benefits. Also, you can use onion oil once or twice a week as required. 


In this fast-pace life, taking care of our hair is quite overwhelming. So, using an all-natural, chemical free Onion Hair Oil can help target all your hair care issues. Onion hair oil has the power to nourish, strengthen and repair your hair naturally. 


Just a friendly reminder, always and always do a patch test before including any new product in your hair care routine. And if you don’t notice any reaction then the product is good to go and you have finally found a best friend for your hair.